By Jaacob Bowden

Member Question:

Hi Jaacob,

I have just bought access to your speed training material and it looks good, but have a few questions – see below.

My name is Keith, 5 handicap (now trying to become a
scratch player), 50-year-old, very fit and used to gym, sport oriented
most of my life and improving, and really want some more club head

1) Weight training speed, weight and reps:

heavy weight low reps ?

– should each rep be performed as fast as possible?

– if so, is it better to have lighter weight to which means more rep
movement speed or heavier but little slow rep movement speed?(if not what do you suggest for serious speed development?)

– I guess what I am asking is a guide to find optimal rep weight/speed combination because as they go heavier you will go slower?

– is a rep range of 5-10 x 3 or 4 sets model?(if not what do you
suggest for serious development?)

2) Relating to simulated downswing body movements with
elastic/isometric band speed, resistance and reps

– – if so, is it better to have lighter resistance to which means more
rep movement speed or heavier resistance but little slow rep movement speed?

– is a rep range of 5-10 x 3 or 4 sets a good model?(if not what do you suggest for serious speed development?)

Look forward to you support because I really want to give your program
a good go now.


Keith T, 50 years old, 5 handicap

Jaacob’s Answer:

With the weight training, there’s a variety of ways you can train for more speed and power. It’s on my list of to-do’s to add more detailed info on things like ballistic training, plyometrics, fast eccentrics, etc. However, for purposes of what is currently in the member area, yeah, moving each individual rep as quickly as possible while still being safe and under control is good.

Similarly, I need to add more info about the amount of weight as well. With the existing content, I was speaking of going with as heavy weight as safely possible to work on your ability to call upon maximum exertion for a very short amount of time, which is basically what a full swing is.

One thing I’ve had success with, and that is popular…

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