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Member Question:

Jaacob – I came across your article on GolfWRX yesterday and first off I must say congratulations! I know you put in a lot of effort to go from a 14 down to scratch/+ handicap.

As I am sure you get this a lot, I feel I am literally at the same point you were in 2003 right now. I am 27, moved from Simi Valley CA to Charleston SC for work. Since moving here I have found my long lost passion for golf and have strived to achieve the same goal you did.

I really liked your 3 major points you mentioned. In dealing with the wrist movement, I went through the same mental process as you did; with that being said I was wondering if you have any specific drills that helped you quiet down the wrist movement through the impact zone. I have the same problem you mentioned and cannot agree more that it leads to such inconsistency. Major Champions like Jack Nicklaus has mentioned a few times on the golf channel that one thing that helped him become so consistent is the quiet wrist through impact.

If you do not mind, I was also wondering what helped you the most with the head swaying. I struggle with the same thing as well.

Again, congratulations and I hope to achieve the same goal you did. However I will not be able to dedicate everything to golf like you did but try to do the best I can at home with what I have.

Any words of wisdom/advice would be greatly appreciated. I know you are busy and have a life but at the tipping point of anything must be better than what I am doing right now. Thank you for your time.

Casey, Firefighter

Jaacob’s Answer:

Funny you were in Simi Valley. Lost Canyons is where I started my golf journey in 2003 at 27.

It isn’t so much quieting the wrist movement down as much as it is watching the rotation of the clubface through impact. You can still actively use your hands. Quieting the wrist movement down all together can help with consistency and accuracy, but you can give up a bit of power if you don’t use them at all.

Personally, video helped me a lot with head swaying. I would record a swing at the range, play it back in slow motion to see if and where I was moving. Then try to go make that adjustment. Record again and repeat. After a bit of back…

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