Age:                28

Height:           6’1”

Weight:          200 lbs

Driver Specs:

3 degree 3x tipped 1 inch


  • ESP insurance
  • Travis Mathew
  • Crowe Socks

Special Accomplishments:

  • Top 8 at 2017 Worlds
  • Team USA LD -423

What is your longest drive in competition?

423 yards at 2017 World Championships

What were the conditions of the drive?

No Wind, 80 degrees, night time

What are the fastest swing speeds you’ve recorded on a Swing Speed Radar and/or Trackman?

151 mph

What lead you to choose your particular equipment specifications?

I leave all my club work to my Coach/Club Builder Brian Delaney (@delaneybpga). We get the numbers, he goes to work and I trust him! He is unbelievable at his job, one of the best, so whatever he gives me is what we go with!

Do you favor a particular shot shape to hit it long?

I’m a traditional player that has always tried to play a cut. Especially with a long drive, I feel comfortable hitting a cut to fill up the grid!

Do you use any training aids to work on your speed and power?


Do you do any other types of training to drive it further?

Lower body and core exercises

Is there any particular bit of advice you would give the regular amateur for him or her to hit the ball longer?

Balance, balance, balance!! Your body has to be working together to get everything out of it! Balance is the only way your body can work together going at its fastest speed!

Power comes for the ground up! Strong lower half helps with power and balance!

Don’t be scared to swing as hard…

Read the rest of what Wes has to say about the Long Drive in the October 2018 Monthly Handicap Improver here:

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