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By Paul Myers

There is a some thinking among amateur golfers that playing as stiff a golf shaft as possible is somehow a sign that you are a good golfer. Some players see it as a badge of honor to be playing with an ‘X’ flex golf shaft, even if the results aren’t as good as they could be with another golf shaft. Instead of worrying about what the flex rating on a given golf shaft happens to be, think about the ball flight it creates and the distance it is capable of. Basically, does it help you hit how you want?

Toward that end, don’t rule out using a regular flex golf shaft if that is what the computer fitting process suggests is best for your swing. The thinking that you have to at least play a stiff flex golf shaft in order to be a good player is faulty – you can play well with any normal flex golf shaft – preferably one that is fit for you.

Your swing speed is one determining factor in how far you can hit the ball, as well as in what golf shaft you might use. If you decide to go to a stiffer shaft even though your swing speed hasn’t increased, all you might do is hurt your game. Don’t buy a club that suits your ego – buy one that suits your swing.

Follow the Lead of the Pros

Unlike amateur golfers, some professional golfers opt for a softer shaft. In some cases, that is still an ‘X’ flex because of the power that those players possess. However, they understand that by using a softer shaft that still suits their swing, they might not have to work as hard to find distance off the tee (or from the fairway) and get the ball up in the air.

Generally speaking, a softer golf shaft can offer you the chance to create more height and possible speed/distance, while a stiffer shaft can offer you more control. That is not a hard and fast rule, but it can be a good place to start when thinking about what golf shaft to use. So, basically, find the softest shaft that you can successfully control in order to maximize both distance and accuracy. It’s a middle ground.

Trust the Technology

A great way to settle on the right golf shaft for your game is simply to trust in the club fitting technology we have available today, as well as the professionals who run them. The numbers can help, and the shafts that are recommended by the machine are probably the ones that will serve you best out on the course. Be sure to try them out before you buy and make sure that they do, in fact, suit your swing – but the computer isn’t wrong very often. Put your ego aside and rely on the impressive technology of things like Trackman to guide you in the right direction.

There is no sense in playing a club that doesn’t work for your swing just to have the ‘pride’ of using a stiff or extra-stiff golf shaft. With that in mind, If you want to play as well as possible and record the lowest score you can, choose clubs that are matched to your ability and swing, regardless of what flex that might be.

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By Paul Myers

Golfers tend to believe a lot of different things about their equipment – some of them true, some not so much. One of the things that some golfers believe is that in order to hit long drives, you need to have almost no golf club shaft flex in your driver. Most of the players on the professional tours use x-flex shafts, so one might think that you have to have one in your club to hit long drives, right?

Well, yes and no. But you shouldn’t get an extra-stiff flex just so you can try to hit it further. You should get the golf club shaft flex that is best suited to your swing.

The Truth About Golf Club Shaft Flex

The whole point behind the golf club shaft flex is finding a club that is going to flex just the right amount so you can unload it into the ball at the bottom of your swing. A shaft that is too soft of a flex for your swing can bend too much and not recover by the time you reach impact. It is possible to hit the ball quite far this way, but you might have a hard time gaining control over the flight.

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On the other hand, a shaft flex that is too stiff may not bend enough and could rob you of power. You may be able to work it out to hit pretty straight drives, buy you may never be satisfied with the distance you are getting. When you hit the perfect balance between the two, you end up with shots that maximize your distance while still remaining under control (hopefully).

So, if you just decide to copy the pros and buy a driver with an extra-stiff shaft, you aren’t necessarily going to get the same performance from that shaft that they do. Unless you are able to swing the club in a similar fashion to your favorite players on TV, you are better off picking a shaft that is suited to your swing.

Club Fitting is the Best Option

In order to find out what golf club shaft flex you should be using, a fitting session with a professional club fitter (like those that are AGCP certified) is a great idea. The fitter will have all of the necessary equipment and technology to measure your swing and produce some shaft options for you to consider. While swing speed is important to determining the flex that you should use, it is actually not the only element. Your swing technique, and your personal tempo, can also play a role in the fitting. A good fitter will be able to analyze all of these inputs and help guide you to a shaft that provides the ball flight you desire.

A common problem is a golfer who wants to play an x-stiff shaft, because they think they need to for more distance, starts swinging too hard and loses their swing along the way. If you try to force your way into a stiffer shaft, you are likely to end up losing track of your fundamentals and may harm your game in the process. In fact, if you are in between two shaft flexes and not sure which one to go with, it is often better to pick the softer of the two.

It is true that most of the best players in the world use an x-flex shaft in their clubs, but that is because they have the power and speed to use them properly. Don’t get caught up copying them – head to a local club fitter and find out exactly what golf club shaft flex is the right fit for you.

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