By Geoff Mangum

Everyone in golf for putting worships at the Golden Calf of true roll, but so-called “true roll” is an urban myth.

What actually happens between the ball and the green after the stroke has next to nothing to do with the putter or the “special” stroke. The “worst” stroke for so-called “true roll” is exactly the same as the “best” stroke after only two or three inches. Working for years on a “special” stroke, or spending $100s extra for a “special” putter, in relentless pursuit of “true roll”, like Captain Ahab the peg-legged poster-boy of obsessive behavior chasing the Great White whale Moby Dick, is just nuts.

So what is the problem? The problem, as usual, is that people in golf don’t know much about real science, and so come to “believe” things, and then the more golf folks believe the SAME thing, then obviously it must be TRUE. Like the old certainty that “the Earth is Flat”, or the more ancient one: “the Sun revolves around the Earth.”

But don’t the makers and sellers of putters — who present studies of their putter’s performance compared to all others and offer PROOF, real “scientific” proof, that their design accomplishes “true roll” faster and sooner than the others, and therefore … it MUST BE THE BEST PUTTER?

No, what they present is not “science” at all, but goofy.

But don’t really educated and respected…

Read the rest of what Geoff has to say about the So-called “True Roll” is Another Urban Myth in Golf in the May 2015 Monthly Handicap Improver here:

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