By Jaacob Bowden

I know a lot of people and golf announcers talk about how far the Tour players can hit the golf ball, but while they certainly do hit the ball far… it may not be as far as you would lead to be believed. After all, it can be hard to tell from watching TV or reading about an event on a website if a player’s shot was at high altitude, was with a tailwind, was downhill, etc.

As you know, with the advent of things like Shotlink and other statistical tracking tools, more and more data is now available about every possible thing you could want to know about your favorite Tour players. To check out the PGA Tour driving distances:

Driver 269 yards / 246 meters (Total Driving Distance – about 291.0 yards)
3-Wood 243 yards / 222 meters
5-Wood 230 yards / 210 meters
Hybrid 225 yards / 206 meters
3-Iron 212 yards / 194 meters
4-Iron 203 yards / 186 meters
5-Iron 194 yards / 177 meters
6-Iron 183 yards / 167 meters
7-Iron 172 yards / 157 meters
8-Iron 160 yards / 146 meters
9-Iron 148 yards / 135 meters
PW 136 yards / 124 meters

Interesting, eh?

Also, keep in mind the various lofts that exist for different manufacturer’s clubs. One company’s 9-iron is another company’s pitching wedge. Not to mention, many players adjust the loft angles to meet their own liking.

I hope this article gives you a more clear idea of the actual distances that Tour players hit under normal conditions.

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