First, here is a fact: Despite there being more and more information available about golf every year, especially since the advent of the internet, according to PGA research, the handicap of the average golfer has stayed the same for more than 20 years.

So if it is not the quantity of information that is lacking, it could the quality of information that is lacking.

Second, we’re not here to hurt any feelings, so lets not talk about Golf magazines. Rather lets look at the business magazine Forbes instead.

Today, there are 4.6 Public Relations Agents for every 1 Journalist in the US.

A typical issue of Forbes consists of:

  • 55%+ of advertising that you can recognize as such.
  • 35%+ of press releases that are printed with less than 20% of the text changed.
  • And less than 10% or articles, that are genuine journalistic content.

These less than 10% are not specific to any target, they are entertaining business content, dressed up rants and general articles that are interesting to read, but in reality there are potentially countless people who have lost money by following tips from Forbes.

In fact, in the early 2000s, one of our own Swing Man Golfers lost over $30,000 in investments thinking that writers at Forbes knew what they were talking about.

Forbes, like many others, is in essence an entertainment magazine, a few pages of which are written to a very limited degree by journalists, who in essence are onlookers, not Doers or Have-Done-It-ers.

The MONTHLY HANDICAP IMPROVER is something very different. Where Forbes goes in every direction within the business area, as the title indicates, our MONTHLY HANDICAP IMPROVER has only one clear and specific goal, and that is:

To help the professional golfer, aspiring amateur or sophisticated gentlemen golfer improving his or her HANDICAP every single month.

That is the ONE thing we focus on, and we work HARD to get people that HAVE ACHIEVED OUTSTANDING SUCCESSES in specific areas of the game of golf to share their secrets.

Not wannabes who just talk nicely.

Not journalists that only can write about what they see, rather than experience.

But Doers and Have-Done-It-ers.

The MONTHLY HANDICAP IMPROVER is for the doers, not the wannabes.

Areas that really have an impact on your golf game, such as longer driving, putting, nutrition, training plans, equipment, the mental game and others.

And everything we do, all the attention that goes into the MONTHLY HANDICAP IMPROVER, is focused on this one, specific goal: To help you on a constant monthly basis, to get better and improve your handicap in the game that we all love so much.

The MONTHLY HANDICAP IMPROVER is not about entertainment.

How do we know these things about press releases? We know because one of our Swing Man Golf insiders has worked with the industry and shared those insights with us. It can totally change your perspective when he says you sit back on Saturday, to catch up on your reading, pick up a magazine that you trust, turn the page and find an article about a client of yours. That’s good …

But then you realize that 80% of the article is what you yourself have written for the press release that went out the other day, you are shocked and begin to wonder how many other "articles" in the magazine that you learned to trust are basically that: press releases with a modified beginning.

The MONTHLY HANDICAP IMPROVER is the missing source for the outstanding golfer. The gentlemen warrior.

With the MHI, there is no advertising. It has only one specific goal. Our writers and the people we write about are people that have achieved something. They are not theorists.

If you wanted to become the best football player in the world, would you go to a sports commentator, or would you go to a Peyton Manning? Someone who has been there, has walked his talk and has the results to show for it?

The MONTHLY HANDICAP IMPROVER is a publication, written by “Peyton Mannings” — not by observers, but by those that DO DELIVER results.

  • There is no bitching, how such-and-such thing is bad, how politics are all wrong and all of that.
  • No singing of songs that big companies pay you to sing.
  • There is no ranting in the MONTHLY HANDICAP IMPROVER.
  • There is only one goal for this publication and we work very hard each month on reaching that goal.

So comparing Forbes or any other magazine to the MONTHLY HANDICAP IMPROVER would just go to show that you would not have understood what the MONTHLY HANDICAP IMPROVER is, what it is about and what we are working hard on to achieve.

There is no publication in the world that does or could do what the MONTHLY HANDICAP IMPROVER does. Especially not magazines.

It is THE source for professionals and Tour Players, the source for aspiring amateurs, the source for the sophisticated gentlemen golfer, the golfer, that fully and wholly, and totally commit to improve his handicap.

  • To make improvements to his game, every single month.
  • To never stop learning.
  • To always keep improving.
  • To always look for ways how to take that one more shot off their game.
  • How to sharpen the saw a little bit more.
  • To get the ball one foot closer to the hole on every pitch, on every chip.

It is for these inspiring (yes, you are inspiring if you are like that), hard working, committed, inspired people that we publish the MONTHLY HANDICAP IMPROVER for on a monthly basis.

We give you the highest possible quality of content to enable you to achieve your goal. And all for the price of a half hour with a local golf pro per month.

To sample the the MHI for free for 30 days, subscribe to it via this button here that says “Continue”. After two weeks, the rate is $49.99 a month. You can cancel at any time by phone or email.