By Adam Young

One of the biggest lessons I can pass down to someone learning golf, or anything, from my experiences as a player is this – patience.

Although not one of the key factors in learning, it certainly helps. This is just a quick piece to allow you to understand the learning process a little more, and why it happens like it does.

An Example

I remember the most recent swing change I made; I was attempting to get my club swinging more to the left through impact. My natural swing sees the clubhead swing out around 10 degrees to the right, so I was working on neutralizing this in the hopes it would give me more consistency.

But while I was practicing, I remember just how difficult it was to do; it seemed as if my body was just resisting it. At best, I could get it to swing around 5 degrees right, but it was still nowhere near neutral.

Then one day it just clicked.

Surprisingly, it happened a couple of days after a rather frustrating practice session where I thought I would just never ‘get it’. The next session…

Read the rest of what Adam has to say about Delayed Learning in the September 2017 Monthly Handicap Improver here:

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