How To Increase Your Golf Swing Speed | Swing Man Golf - Part 3


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More Confident on Short Putts

By David MacKenzie MHI Golfer Question: I am not very confident from 6 feet and in because I feel I have to make them which makes it easy to miss them. How do I become more confident on short putts? David’s Answer: Short putts are probably the shots that players feel... read more

How to Think About Putting

By Geoff Mangum Here are six main ideas about putting. 1. First, “skill” requires knowledge of cause and effect.Ben Hogan was right: golf consists of two different games — one in the air and the other along the surface of the green. And typically, putting amounts to... read more

Four Keys to Effective Practice

By Adam Young If you are reading this, you probably spend at least some of your precious time working on your game to get better. This article will help you identify 4 ways to improve the effectiveness of that practice. By adding these methods to your practice... read more

Mentally Better Swing Tempo

By David MacKenzie MHI Golfer Question: I am struggling to maintain a rhythmic good tempo swing because my reducing flexibility in my back is restricting my swing.  I am 73 and play to 9 (occasionally).  Can you help me mentally to have better tempo? David’s Answer:... read more

Grain on the Brain

By Geoff Mangum Golfers are always asking me about “grain” and how it affects putting speed and line complicating the reading of the putt. Well, guys and gals, there hasn’t been enough grain on greens to bother with since the 1980s. This is a testament to the lethargy... read more

The Core Putt

By Geoff Mangum Here’s a tip that helps you tune your touch in to the green speed. I call it the “core” putt because it comes from the center of your manner of relating to the world, and that’s what you need to get in touch with to activate... read more

External Distractions

With David MacKenzie MHI Golfer Question: I lose focus and get distracted from things like high handicappers looking for lost balls, falling behind time-wise, and generally trying to stay in my game mentally. Can you help me with the mental side of the game? David’s... read more

What Guarantees a Good Shot Outcome?

By Adam Young Whenever I ask amateur golfers the above, even if they have spent thousands on lessons before, they look perplexed. Many will respond with answers such as: • Keeping eye on the ball • Following through • Line up well • Turning shoulders • Getting into a... read more