Swing Man Golf's Swing Speed Training Programs are the best in the world. The feedback from customers continues to be outstanding, supporting SMG's claim of providing great customer service and a one of a kind product.

SMG has teamed up with Infusionsoft.com to provide affiliates with a trusted third party, direct deposit, accurate and on-time payments, and extensive real-time reporting.

Product: All the Swingmangolf.com programs and products

Commission Rate: Varies with products, the Swing Speed Program pays 50%!

Conversion Rate: 7.66% from register.php page, 5.6% from learn-the-mike-austin-golf-swing.php

Return Rate: Less than 1%

Site Demographics: 4,500+ Members, 98% Male, 65% Over Age 45

Notes: Average Member Swing Speed Gain is 12-16 mph (30-40 yards) in First 30 Days, Jaacob has been featured on ESPN Radio and the Golf Channel

How do I Become an Affiliate???

  1. Sign Up!
  2. Promote Swing Man Golf on your website and to your email list!
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