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How to increase golf swing Speed Golf Swing Speed Pro Pablo Martin

"Jaacob's work is great. It's pretty straight forward. There are no magical tricks and it doesn't mess with your golf swing. If you follow his advices, you will drive it further."

Pablo Martin, 3-Time European Tour Winner, Increased Max Swing Speed from 119 mph to 128 mph


Swing Man Golf Premier Member Gary S

"Working with Jaacob's swing speed training programs I increased my speed by 12 miles per hour in one month. The game is a lot more fun with the driving distances I'm hitting them. Now I'm reaching greens in two more often. Swing speed training really works."

Gary S, Premier Member


Premier Member increased Golf Swing Speed to 130 Mph

"When I first started the swing speed training I was very skeptical it would do anything for me because I was already swinging at speeds close to 130 mph. But I wanted to get to the next level and be able to compete in Long Drive Events. So I gave it a try. I gained 13 mph in just one month of the basic swing speed training."

24 Years Old, Premier Member


This is the technique that anyone can master and allows even older or out of shape golfers to launch long ball drives further down the fairway than they ever dreamed possible and become the envy of all their golfing buddies!

Hello fellow golf enthusiast,
My name is Jaacob Bowden, and I have something that I just have to get off my chest and
it's the real reason that I:

Jaacob Bowden Golf Swing Speed Professional
  • Won the Pinnacle Distance Challenge with a TV televised drive of 381 yards
  • Hit a documented grid-record 421-yard blast at a RE/MAX World Long Drive Qualifier
  • Taught more than 5.500 customers how to add distance, and on average, they gained 30.4 yards in less than 30 days
  • Was a personal protégé of Dan Shauger who taught me the swing of and introduced me to the late Mike Austin, who holds the Guiness Book Of World Records entry for the longest drive in the history of golf with 515 yards, with a persimmon (wooden) driver!
  • Am the author of a No.1 bestselling golf eBook on Amazon

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You're Going To Discover How To Master Swing Speed!

Swing speed is the one thing you can improve upon the fastest regardless of age and it doesn't even matter whether you're athletic or not.

With Swing Speed On Your Side You'll Have Tee Shots Hitting Distances That Will Have Everyone Standing Up And Taking Notice

When You hear all the world's top golfers talk about something all the time you know it has to be something important. Well, some call it club speed and some call it swing speed, but as everyone knows it's a super hot topic amongst the Pro's!

Your chart below shows you exactly why all of the best guys are always wanting more swing speed. This graphic shows how fast people swing and what the average carry distance (how far the ball flies before it first touches the ground) is:

Golf Driver Swing Speed and Golf Ball Distance

Now let's take a look at some super interesting and specific numbers.

Chart of Golf Swing Speeds including Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and Bubba Watson

So, as you can see the more swing speed
you get, the longer your drives will be.



With Swing Man Golf's Swing Speed Training, based on your gender, age, handicap and average driving distance, how far could you be driving it? Use this tool to find out:

Male Female


And: Despite what many teaching Pro's, and even Tiger believe, yes, you can actually discover the technique that will increase your swing speed easily at any age!

But... those guys are all super-fit. Do I have to be as fit as Tiger or Camilo Villegas to increase my swing speed?

Pro Golfers Camillo Villegas and John Daly

No, absolutely not. Just look at Camilo Villegas and John Daly. Camilo is one of the fittest players on tour. John is, well, not, but he still outdrives Camilo by a solid 4 mph.

None of those things really matter. Once you gain access to the top technique long ball champions use you're going to have amazing success just like these ordinary folks...

Our Members hit it longer

"Dear Mr. Bowden, I have purchased your program and after only two weeks. I am 65 years old and before starting your program my average speed was between 85 and 88. I am now averaging 88 to 91 ....But..I have recorded one swing at 99 mph and the ball was out or sight.....WOW. I have recorded 4 drives on the course of 260 to 280....yes I said 280. It was a feat but my buddies are already talking about making me tee off the blue tees."

Bob L, 65 years old


"The video on ... is the most effective instruction I've ever had!! I'm 72 y/o and have never known my swing until now. I used to shoot low, now and then,but quit for 15 yrs. Last year I started again and could not break 95 until this very informative video. Now, I'm scoring in the low 80's or better from the intermediate tees.(I also have had back surgery for spinal stenosis) Thanks for a great lesson."

Wilbur H, 72 years old


"I have been into your teaching for a about 5 weeks have gained 30 yards... I am in my 60s."

Stanley T, 62 years old


Yes, I chose these specific testimonies because these guys are all well over 60, but we literally have hundreds of real testimonials, from 12 years olds to guys in their late 80s, with handicaps from 30+ all the way to Pro.

On average, all my students constantly add 12-16 mph of driver swing speed and 30-40 yards to their drives in their first month in just 10 minutes twice per week. Yes, those are fast results, but those are just the averages.

Quite a few people, like one gentleman who is over 58 years old actually gained over 30 mph, which translates to an astounding 75 yards in greater distance!

I could go on and on and tell you about more of the thousands of long driving customers from around the globe that have already achieved these gains in distance with little to no work on their part at all.

But first let's answer the #1 question everyone always wants to know...
Do I have to change my Golf Swing?

The Answer is...

Absolutely not. The Swingman Golf Training System consist merely of a few very subtle changes in technique, where you simply make small adjustments to your warm up and training. All stuff that you can easily do in 10 minutes only twice a week.

With Almost No Time Or Effort On Your Part
Just Look At The Benefits You'll Receive:

You'll discover how to greatly improve your balance so you can stop taking those embarrassing mile-long divots that you never indented

  • You'll amaze at the coordination training that will have your timing ticking like clockwork
  • Never again will you have to fear slices and hooks when you finally uncover the insights of "Club Awareness"
  • Start reaching more Par 4's and even Par 5's in 2, and put an end to losing strokes and falling back around the green
  • You'll have far more straightforward short iron approach shots & reach many more greens in regulation!


Swing Man Golf Member Card

It's a simple and clear system of instructions, that took me more than 10 years of dedication, trial and error and sweating, so you don't have too. With the one goal of perfecting the technique of rapidly gaining super swing speed that could then easily be taught to any golfer at any level regardless of their age or experience.

It's a living and breathing online membership system, that constantly gets updated, and is always immediately accessible wherever you are even when you're traveling for business, vacation or retirement. No matter where you are it's always right there when you need it.


This is NOT a DVD that comes by mail in a few weeks, when you have forgotten that you even ordered it, and that's outdated within a few months.

This is not some crazy way to try and sell you a bunch of golf gadgets you really don't need and that only end up in a garage sale somewhere. Everything you need to perfect this system you already have.

This is not one of those ultra boring workout routines that has you driving to the gym and spending hours on useless movements that never really translate to golf anyway. This is the one thing you can do in only 10 minutes just twice a week.

It sometimes feels like the golfing community is the very last bastion of real gentlemen, a secret brotherhood where politeness, honor and effort still really mean something, classic, even a bit old fashioned, but in the best possible way.

I really like that about our beloved game, and in keeping with that high standard, and after more than 5,500 satisfied customers, I am so confident in my system, that I am giving you a whole bunch of guarantees:


We guarantee, you hit longer golf drives!

It's Never Been Easier to Take Your Golf Game To A Whole New Level!
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Golf Videos
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With your membership, you also get access to interviews with:

  1. Founder of Edel Golf,Dave Edel
  2. Legendary golf instructor of Nick Faldo, 6x major winner, instructor to 22 major winners, DAVID LEADBETTER
  3. One of the only long drive competitors to swing over 150 mph in the finals of the World Long Drive Championships, Glenn Wilson Jr
  4. World Long Drive Championship Finalist, Kyle Blakely
  5. World Long Drive Champion, Mike Dobbyn
  6. Long drive champion and PGA Professional Runs his own Academy in Ohio, Jeff Crittenden
  7. Level 10 Certified Professional Clubfitter through the AGCP, author of "The Fit is It!! How Custom Club Fitting Matters to YOUR Golfing Dreams", Tony Wright
  8. Master Club Fitter, Doug Emma
  9. No. 4 most popular golf teacher in the world, Paul Wilson
  10. With Thousands of Hours of teaching experience to all level of Golfers, Adam Young
  11. 6-time World Long Drive Champion, Jason Zuback
  12. Putting Guru, Geoff Mangum
  13. Cornell and Stanford graduate, professor at Columbia, inventor of the strokes gained metric, Mark Broadie
  14. World famous golf instructor and inventor of the Tour Striker, Martin Chuck
  15. Simulator expert, Cory Gauvreau
  16. Long driver, Master's of Long Drive Champion. 3x World Long Drive Championship Finalist, Ryan Steenberg
  17. 2-time World Long Drive Champion, training for 150 mph of swing speed, Jamie Sadlowski
  18. One of the most famous golf instructors in the world, Andrew Rice
  19. 6 foot 9, 300 pounds, self-admitted in-flexible long driver yet with a 445-yard drive, got to a +4 handicap, MIck Yelovich
  20. Developer of a huge share of all balls that are played and have won on tour. Working with Tiger Woods & Sergio Garcia, Dean Snell of Snell Golf
  21. Winner of Mutant Golf Long Drive Championship, Rockwell Long Drive Championship, & World Long Drive Championship Region 8 Champion. Swing Fundamentals, Ryan Reisbeck
  22. One of the fastest swingers and longest hitters in the world, winner of 25 mini tour wins, Eddie Fernandes
  23. One of the top club makers in the world, Tom Wishon
  24. World Top 15 Long Driver, Andreas Persson
  25. One of the longest hitters in the world, ever, Landon Gentry
  26. 2-time ALDA Super Senior National Long Drive Champion and 5-time World Long Drive Championships Finalist and 2-time international senior champion, John Marshall
  27. And Many More ....

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    • Tom Wishon – golf club design icon
    • Adam Young – golf coach, best-selling author, and practice expert
    • Geoff Mangum – putting coach and expert
  • Long Drive Q&As with these World Long Drive Champions:
    • Jason Zuback
    • Jamie Sadlowski
    • Joe Miller
    • Maurice Allen
    • Jeff Flagg
    • Mike Dobbyn
    • Jeff Crittenden
    • Eddie Fernandes
    • Jeff Gavin
    • Sandra Carlborg
    • Phillis Meti
    • Heather Lemaster
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    • Jaacob Bowden, PGA
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    • Fredrik Tuxen – CEO of Trackman
    • Shawn Clement – Instructor
    • David Edel – CEO of Edel Golf
    • David Leadbetter – Golf Coach
    • Paul Wilson – Golf Coach
    • Mark Broadie – Inventor of Strokes Gained metric
    • Dean Snell – CEO of Snell Golf
    • Lance Reader – CEO of Krank Golf
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With Swing Man Golf's Swing Speed Training, based on your gender, age, handicap and average driving distance, how far could you be driving it? Use this tool to find out:

Male Female