In the old days, it wasn’t uncommon for slightly pot-bellied professional golfers to finish their round and head off to the local bar or 19th hole. Now-a-days many golfers are leaner, in better shape, and golfers travel with or work with golf fitness trainers on their bodies in the hope of performing even better.

Since it has been shown by Trackman, ShotLink, and other research and data that there is a correlation between driving distance and handicap …

… if golfers are more fit and have become greater “athletes”, they should be swinging faster and hitting the ball farther, right?

Well, not so much.

As you can see, the average driving distances in the modern era of equipment and fitness are about the same year to year.

Okay, so maybe tour players aren’t hitting farther, but these greater golf athletes must be scoring lower with improved golf fitness, right?

After all, that is the end goal…to score lower.


So although there are more tour players working out and putting hours upon hours in the gym these days, it clearly has been a relative waste of time as it is not making much of a difference to what matters … golf scores.

Not to mention there are a slew of injuries from Tiger Woods to guys like Justin Rose, Jason Day, Ricky Fowler, Rory McIlroy, Ben Crane. Jordan Spieth, Henrik Stenson, and more!

Does that mean that we should abandon golf fitness altogether?

Absolutely not because it is true that there is a connection between the body and the golf swing. One can imagine the differences in the power, strength, speed, flexibility, etc of the bodies of various golfers as one progresses from amateurs, to tour players, to long drivers.

This is where Swing Man Golf comes in to play.

Swing Man Golf is the industry leader in helping amateurs, tour professionals, and long drivers hit the ball farther through golf fitness. Our research, testing, and experience have lead to results that have added more yards to golfers drives than any other instructor, trainer, or golf fitness body in the world.

“Giving your golfer 10 mph of additional club head speed can lower their handicap potential by about 11 shots”
Michael Breed Twitter Message

In a golf fitness world of it sometimes taking an entire year of gym work to obtain just 2-3 mph of additional club head speed, it is routinely common for our golfers to add 12-16 mph (30-40 yards) of additional club head speed in as little as 30 days.

Some of our golfers have even added over 40 mph (over 100 yards) to their maximum club head speed over the course of several months…that’s not a typo!

Would you like to learn how to give your golf students and clients more distance and lower their scores through golf fitness?

Darren DeMaille, PGA
“I had three students gain 30 plus mph using your system.”
— Darren DeMaille, PGA

If so, then we’ve got what you need to learn how to do this via our Swing Man Golf Swing Speed Trainer Certification Program.

Certification Overview

The certification program and subsequent test was designed for PGA Professionals, golf fitness trainers, etc by a PGA of America professional with a science, sports, and professional golf and long drive background.

It was made made to be Internet-based because we understand you have busy lives. This gives you the flexibility to fit the program in to your schedule as you have time. It also helps minimize your costs by not having to factor in a plane ticket, hotel, etc.

In order to obtain Swing Speed Trainer Certification, you must achieve the following.

  • You’ve taken our online course
  • You’ve passed a 50-question knowledge test
  • You’ve contributed at least one training or handicap improving article to the community (these can be submitted for MSR credits with the PGA of America)

What Do You Get?

Once you sign up and pay the registration fee, you’ll get a kit that will get you up and running:

  1. Login access to the video-based instructional course online
  2. A Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar (USA only)
  3. A Set of Bodylastics Resistance Bands (USA only)
  4. Access to the Monthly Handicap Improver audio interviews and publication archives

After you pass the test, you’ll get a certification badge that you can use to promote yourself on your website, social media, etc.

You’ll also be inserted in to our public database so that we can help promote you to our audience.

What is Covered?

Here’s a sample of some of the things you will learn and be tested on:

  • History and Background
  • Training Myths
  • Terminology – Anatomy, Kinesiology, Physics, etc (many reputable professionals misuse these terms quite frequently)
  • Basic Swing Speed Training
  • Classes of Training Aids
  • Critical Power Development Training Principles and Protocols Covering Weight Training, Isometrics, Plyometrics, Ballistics, Stretch Reflex, etc
  • Key Points of Flexibility/Mobility
  • Tissue Work
  • Nutrition and Supplementation
  • Visualization Techniques
  • Player Development Programming for your Junior, Amateur, Professional, and Long Drive Players/Clients
  • Common Mistakes
  • And more!!!
Darren DeMaille, PGA

How Do You Keep Active?

Continuing Education is an important aspect of Swing Man Golf.

  • Each year you must pay an annual fee to remain active. This helps provide us with the resources to promote you and your business. We can also fund our continued research to improve on what we can offer you.
  • You must submit at least one article per year on handicap improving or training to the community. PGA of America members can submit these for MSRs.

Why Else Should You Get Certified?

Darren DeMaille, PGA

If you still aren’t convinced to get started, here are even more reasons you should get certified:

  • Distance Sells

    Ask virtually any golfer if they would want more distance and the resounding answer would most definitely be yes. Distance sells. If you can can give your student more distance, guess what happens?

    • You sell more lessons and training sessions
    • You get referrals
    • You grow your customer base
    • You make more money for yourself and your facility
  • Get Continuing Education Credits

    1. PGA of America: 7 MSRS
    2. LPGA: 4 Non-LPGA CUs
    3. The PGA Great Britain & Ireland: “PGA Professionals will be credited with 25 CPD points by The PGA for successful completion of this course, as part of the PGA’s Member Education Programme”.
    4. Add to Your Golf Credentials

    5. Add to the Services You Offer

    6. Dramatically Increase Your Own Personal Driving Distance

    7. Permission to Advertise Using the Swing Man Golf Swing Speed Trainer Logos

    8. List Your Name and Business on the Swing Man Golf Website

Bob Bigonette, PGA
“I have been able to compete again thanks to you … shot 70 in the US Open qualifier.”
— Bob Bigonette, PGA - Gained 18 mph over 10 weeks
Greg DuCharme, PGA
“My club head speed increased 23 mph over a 10 week period! And believe it or not, the exercises improved my stability, allowing me to hit straighter too!”
— Greg DuCharme, PGA

Get Started Now!

NOTE: We ship the Swing Speed Radar and the Resistance Bands only in the US. If you are a customer outisde the US you can order a digital only version of the product here.