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Video Tip of the Day
Video Tip of the Day
"Enjoying the program."

"Jaacob, enjoying the program. Started at 96 now up to 117."

- Tom M, 54 years old, 6 handicap
"First day have seen good improvement in my driving distance."

"I have already started into your program and the first day have seen good improvement in my driving distance. I have been giving up distance as age (and laziness) has caused a gradual reduction in my swing speed. Thanks for your program."

- Craig J, 64 years old, 3 handicap
"I hit two drives for 320 yards and one for 300 yards!"

"Last Monday, I smoothed out the drive swing a little, practice some drives, and then played eighteen holes. I hit two drives for 320 yards and one for 300 yards! I almost could not believe it. The ground was soft and fairly level, and the grass was a little high; so my drive may have gone farther if the grass had been cut. My golf partner was so shocked he started asking my advice on his drives. What a day! Just had to let you know."

- Jay D, 54 years old
"I really enjoy the honesty that you portray throughout your work."

"...excellent information and video instruction, I really enjoy the honesty that you portray throughout your work...it isn't all hyped up like some websites."

- William W, 44 years old, 5 handicap
"My distance is nearly back to where it was five years ago."

"When I began losing distance in my late fifties, I figured it was a matter of advancing age and didn't think there was much I could do about it. My drives were down from 240-260 yards to the 200-220 range, and I had to hit one or two clubs more on my other shots. But after using Jaacob Bowden's methods, my distance is nearly back to where it was five years ago. My drives are going 240 consistently, and I haven't sacrificed accuracy to get that extra length."

- Joe B, 62 years old, 12 handicap
"It's amazing how simple it really is...when you hit it long and straight, you get a lot of greens-in-regulation."

"It's amazing how simple it really is. Swinging 'fast' does not mean swinging 'hard'. Yes, I know this intellectually (I've been golfing for 30 years) but I didn't really "get it" until I saw your swing and applied your instructions. In just the last two weeks I'm hitting a number of drives, seemingly effortlessly, that go extremely straight and much longer than usual, into the 300-plus yards arena. Again, it's just been two weeks, and I've got to practice more for consistency, but already I'm seeing dramatic improvement. In my second round last week, I shot 1-over par on the back nine, with five good birdie opportunities on the greens. When you hit it long and straight, you get a lot of greens-in-regulation. This translates into low scores."

- Alan C, 50 years old, 8.5 handicap
"I have recorded 4 drives on the course of 260 to 280...my buddies are already talking about making me tee off the blue tees."

"Dear Mr. Bowden, I have purchased your exercsize program and after only two weeks. I am 65 years old and before starting your program my average speed was between 85 and 88. I am now averaging 88 to 91 ....But..I have recorded one swing at 99 mph and the ball was out or sight.....WOW. I have recorded 4 drives on the course of 260 to 280....yes I said 280. It was a feat but my buddies are already talking about making me tee off the blue tees."

- Bob L, 65 years old
"On the golf course as of two months ago I've exceed all my longest drives."

"You're a genius! No one ever pointed this out to me. Suddenly my whole swing is much easier and more natural. My swing speed was around 105 mph, occasionally with a lot of uncontrolled effort I'd get it faster. The speed seems to still be increasing, I was up to a 121.40 mph average yesterday with no effort. On the golf course as of two months ago I've exceed all my longest drives and on one hole I beat my previous longest by 70 yards."

- Pete D
"Thanks for a great site."

"...thanks for a great site. You provide the information that I have been seeking."

- Mike F
Premiere Membership
You are making a one-time purchase for a Premier Membership & unlimited 24x7 access to all of the text, picture, and video instruction on the inside of the Swing Man Golf website – this is not a DVD.

NOTE:  The reason this is not available in DVD or downloadable pdf format is because as Jaacob continues to train and prepare for the PGA Tour, he updates the website with new things that he learns along his journey. In this way, you will always have immediate access to all the latest                                                                    and greatest information.

As a Premier Member you will Receive:

  A Member Login for unlimited 24/7 access to Swing Man Golf Online        and the unique Swing Speed Training Programs that produce regular increases of 30-40 yards in        10 minute 2x/week for the first 30 days of training!
  Over 50 web pages of text, picture, and video content including titles like "Top 5 Swing Tips", "Mind        Techniques", "Golf Fitness", "Basic Speed Training" & MUCH MORE
  Over 60 total minutes of Video Golf instruction ranging from "Using Legs for Power" to "Isometrics        & Isokinetics"
  More than 125 pictures included within the text to show various positions and techniques of the golf        swing
  Access to a Locator Tool to help you find the nearest reputable Club Maker/Fitter for having your        clubs custom fit to your golf swing
  FREE text, picture, and video content updates
  20% OFF on ALL golf instruction when you work with Jaacob in person
  Exceptional customer service

Here are screenshots and a portion of the menu that you will be able to navigate through as a member of Swing Man Golf Online:


Swing Speed Training
- Myths about Speed
- Being Fit Vs. Fast
- What is Power?
- 3 Major Components
  • Practicing Swinging Fast
  • Training Aids
  • Strength Training
    • Isometrics
    • Weight Training
- Extra Stuff
  • Fitness & Flexibility
  • Supplements
  • Soft Tissue Work
  • Mind Techniques
- Swing Speed Charts
- Swing Speed Radars
- Programs
  • Basic Speed Training
  • Advanced Speed Training
  • Custom Programs
- Common Mistakes

Mike Austin

Shortcuts to Lower Scores
- Top 5 Swing Tips
- Full Swing
  • Setup
  • Backswing
  • Downswing
  • Finish
- Pitching
- Chipping
- Bunkers
- Putting
- Practicing
- Tweaking Your Swing
(Without an Instructor)
- On the Course
- Golf Fitness

- Your Equipment
- My Equipment

Clubmaker Locator
- Northwest
- Midwest
- Northeast
- Southwest
- South
- Southeast
- Outside the USA

Sign Up Before December 7th, 2013 and You Get the 3 FREE Bonuses

  BONUS #1: The Secrets of Mike Austin’s 515-yard Drive

At the 1974 U.S. National Senior Open in Las Vegas, Mike Austin hit a Guinness World Record 515-yard drive at the age of 64 using a 43.5” steel-shafted persimmon wood driver. While living in Los Angeles, Jaacob received personal instruction with the legendary Austin and he also worked regularly with Mike’s good friend and pupil of 25 years, renowned golf and long-drive instructor Dan Shauger.

In a matter of only months, Jaacob went from an average length hitter to a long drive champion who won the Pinnacle Distance Challenge with a televised drive of 381 yards…and more recently, Jaacob used these techniques as his foundation to hit a event record 421-yard drive to win a Local Qualifier for the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships. Now that’s a bomb!!!

The good news is that these secret keys can be applied to your own full swing!!!

  BONUS #2: Shortcuts to Lower Scores

Jaacob began his golf journey as a typical 15-handicapper with average scores in the mid-90s. Jaacob has since turned professional and has many tournament scores in the 60s and 70s under his belt. To make this type of progress, he had to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Now Jaacob is sharing his shortcuts so that you too can lower your scores FAST!!!

You get BONUS sections in text, picture, and video format about:
  • Pitching – dealing with those tricky 30-100 yard shots
  • Chipping – chipping closer without having to practice very much
  • Bunker Play – getting out of the sand is easier than chipping if you know what you are doing
  • Putting – eliminating those 3-putts and draining those short putts that you "should" make
  • Practicing – dropping your scores when you don’t have much time to practice
  • Tweaking Your Swing (Without an Instructor) – fixing your swing when you’re lost, in trouble, or don’t have someone to help you
  • On the Course – taking your range game to the course and dealing with those pressure situations
  • Equipment – getting the most out of your equipment, you could be missing out on 50 yards of distance if you aren’t fit properly!
  • Golf Fitness – being fit helps if you know what to do

Video Tip of the Day

This video tip is for your viewing pleasure. You can expect the quality of the 60+ minutes of video to be the same when you become a member of Swing Man Golf Online.

  BONUS #3: Getting More Out of Your Equipment

There quite a bit of talk these days about getting custom fit for equipment…and let's face it, it works. If you had size 10 feet and were made to run a race in size 5 or size 15 shoes, sure, you could finish the race – but you wouldn’t perform as well as if you had the size 10 that fit your individual feet. For that matter, even within size 10, there will be some shoes that will be more comfortable for you and some that won't.

However, just because you went to your local golf shop or golf club and they gave you a "fitted club" or clubs, that does not necessarily mean that they really know how to fit you. For example, Jaacob was handed a "fitted" club to try while at a tournament. It looked virtually the same as the club he already had, but when he went home to try it out on his home course, he literally was 50 yards behind where he normally was in the fairway!!!

image       image

To get the most out of your driver or for any of your equipment, for that matter, there are things that you need to know to make a better decision. It doesn’t mean buying the most expensive equipment either!

Find out how to get more out of your equipment now!!!

Reasons & Benefits to YOU for Signing Up Now:

    Gain Access to the #1 Swing Speed Training Programs in the World!
    Do the Swing Speed Training Indoors & at the Comfort of your Home!
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    Learn from Mike Austin’s Protege!
    Stop Losing Strokes Around the Green!
    Have more Short Iron Approach Shots & Reach more Greens in Regulation!
    Customize Your Golf Game from Un-Bias Teaching!

This program can only help you if you register now! Don’t wait another second! Swing Man Golf Online is your
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Kill The Ball!!!

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What YOU Get:

  A Member Login for unlimited 24/7 access to Swing Man Golf           Online & unique Swing Speed Training Programs
  Over 50 Web Pages of Text, Picture, and Video content
  Over 60 total minutes of Video Golf Instruction"
  More than 125 Pictures Showing Various Golf Positions and           Techniques
  Access to Reputable Club Fitter /Maker Locator Tool
  FREE Text, Picture, and Video Content Updates
  Access to over 300 of Jaacob's Blog Posts
  20% off on ALL Golf Instruction when you work with Jaacob in           person
  Exceptional Customer Service
  3 BONUSES including "Secrets of Mike Austin's 515-Yard Drive",
       "Shortcuts to Lower Scores" & "Getting More Out of Your Equipment"