Mike Austin hit a golf ball 515 yards

As many of you who are visiting this web page probably already know, Mike Austin is most famous for hitting his Guinness World Record 515-yard drive on September 25th, 1974 in the US National Senior Open at Winterwood Golf Course (now called Desert Rose) on the par-4 465-yard 5th hole (now the 14th hole). Remarkably, this was done with a 43.5" steel-shafted persimmon wood driver and balata ball.

The Overhead View of Mike Austin's 515 Yard Drive

You may also know that thanks to Dan Shauger, Jaacob Bowden had the opportunity to meet Mike Austin. Within only one month Jaacob used the Mike Austin golf swing to add 63 yards to his longest drive ever and shot his first 18-hole round of golf under par (he had previously had only broken 80 once on a normal length golf course).

Jaacob Bowden Winning the Pinnacle Distance Challenge with the Mike Austin Swing

Finally, after years of requests, Jaacob has put together a 1 hour and 38 minute downloadable instructional video that shares with you the nuts and bolts of the Mike Austin golf swing.

Table of Contents for the Mike Austin Swing with Jaacob Bowden

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