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Jaacob Bowden
A Professional Golfer, the Official Swing Speed Trainer of the eGolf Gateway Pro Tour, a Senior Writer at GolfWRX, and the original founder of Swing Man Golf, Jaacob is a “Top 100 Most Popular Teacher”, he’s made cuts in various tour events with rounds in the 60s and 70s, he’s finished 5th in the Speedgolf World Championships, he won the Pinnacle Distance Challenge with a televised 381-yard drive, and he is considered by many to be the world’s leading expert in swing speed training with his tour player and amateur clients who typically pick up 12-16 mph in the first 30 days of swing speed training.

John Marshall
John Marshall is an Atlanta-based golf instructor who has twice been nominated as one of the top instructors in Georgia by Golf Digest magazine. He is also a member of the prestigious Golf Channel Swing Fix team. From a competitive standpoint he was a five-time RE/MAX World Long Drive finajlist and a two-time American Long Drivers Association super senior national champion. As a collegiate golfer he was a two-time conference champion and captained the team his senior year. His specialty as an instructor is to help students hit the ball further, put lower numbers on the scorecard and have more fun playing this great game.

Andy Griffiths

Andy is currently coaching in Shanghai, China at the Michael International Golf Academy where he uses many of golf’s latest technology at the base of many of China’s best golfers. He is a UKPGA member, USKG and TPI qualified coach, and graduate of the AGMS degree at the University of Birmingham. Andy has coached in more than 30 countries and traveled to work with many of the best minds in golf to constantly improve his coaching. His No. 1 desire is to help golfers reach their dreams, and to enjoy the process!


Ronald S. Montesano

Ronald S. Montesano is a golf writer and photographer from Buffalo, New York. His work has appeared in print and over the internet form more than fifteen years. His interests range from golf course architecture to instruction. His coverage extends from the precise to the ambiguous, from the mundane to the sublime.


Dave Tutelman

Dave is a retired engineer. There’s no such thing as an ex-engineer; if you are an engineer, that is who you are and how you look at everything. When Dave retired from a long career with Bell Labs, he turned his technical inclinations to golf clubs and the golf swing. He will be writing about some of the implications of physics and engineering for golf. He has lots of other articles on such topics on his web site at


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How to increase golf swing Speed Golf Swing Speed Pro Pablo Martin

"Jaacob's work is great. It's pretty straight forward. There are no magical tricks and it doesn't mess with your golf swing. If you follow his advices, you will drive it further."

Pablo Martin, 3-Time European Tour Winner, Increased Max Swing Speed from 119 mph to 128 mph


Swing Man Golf Premier Member Gary S

"Working with Jaacob's swing speed training programs I increased my speed by 12 miles per hour in one month. The game is a lot more fun with the driving distances I'm hitting them. Now I'm reaching greens in two more often. Swing speed training really works."

Gary S, Premier Member


Premier Member increased Golf Swing Speed to 130 Mph

"When I first started the swing speed training I was very skeptical it would do anything for me because I was already swinging at speeds close to 130 mph. But I wanted to get to the next level and be able to compete in Long Drive Events. So I gave it a try. I gained 13 mph in just one month of the basic swing speed training."

24 Years Old, Premier Member