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December 7th, 2013
About Swing Man Golf & Jaacob

About Swing Man Golf

Swing Man Golf, whose core value is integrity, is an online provider of unbiased golf instruction and is the industry leader when it comes to golf swing speed training.



In January 2003, Jaacob Bowden was an average length hitting 14-handicap golfer living in Kansas City working as a computer engineer in the corporate world. Uninspired in his daily work and realizing that playing golf gave him tremendous satisfaction, Jaacob traded in his corporate career to pursue the dream of becoming a Professional Golfer.

A few weeks after Jaacob embarked on his journey, he was taken under the wing of distinguished instructors Dan Shauger and Mike Austin (who set a Guinness Record 515-yard drive in the US National Senior Open). Within 1 month of full-time training Jaacob added 63 yards to his longest drive and shot his first 18 hole round of golf under par. After 6 months of training, Jaacob won the Pinnacle Distance Challenge with a televised drive of 381 yards.

Jaacob Bowden Winning the Pinnacle Distance Challenge

Despite now being amongst the 99th percentile in driving distance of all golfers, Jaacob still wanted to hit the ball even farther. But outside of solid technique and properly fit equipment, Jaacob found no golf-specific information about how to do this. Drawing upon a bit of research and his past athletic experience and accomplishments, Jaacob came up with a personalized training program to increase his swing speed. Within 37 days, Jaacob went from 118 mph to 144 mph and eventually reached 155 mph.

Jaacob's Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar at 155 mph

Using this knowledge and newly found speed, he went on to win multiple RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship Qualifiers, including a grid-record 421-yard drive. He also has since played in and made cuts in numerous professional tournaments around the world including the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Jaacob Bowden in a Tournament in Africa Jaacob Bowden in a Tournament in Africa Jaacob Bowden in a Tournament in England

Naturally, people were curious to learn how Jaacob improved at golf so quickly and how he was hitting the ball so far...and so, in October 2007, Jaacob decided to launch the Swing Man Golf website in October 2007 as a way of bringing his unbiased instructional approach and swing speed training knowledge to the masses.

Since its launch, thousands of people have become a part of the Swing Man Golf website and millions have watched the Swing Man Golf YouTube videos.

Jaacob himself has written many articles for magazines, has been interviewed for television and radio, and has gone on to become one of the foremost experts and educators in the world regarding swing speed training.

Jaacob Bowden has been a guest on ESPN Radio Jaacob Bowden has been interviewed by the Golf Channel Jaacob Bowden has been a guest on Golf Smarter Podcasts

Jaacob Bowden Japanese Magazine Article        Jaacob Bowden Newspaper Article        Jaacob Bowden Newspaper Article        Jaacob Bowden in Mike Austin book by Philip Reed - In Search of the Greatest Golf Swing

To learn more about Jaacob personally, visit his personal website.

Jaacob's Golf Swing


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